Adam Thomas

Pictured (from left) Jay Phillips (Managing Director, Hansgrohe), Tom Allen (Host), Adam Thomas, Andrew Davies (Managing editor, Taylist Media)

Even in an industry of amazing people, initiatives and organisations there will always be those that stand out as truly exceptional and it is those achievements that we highlight in this special category.

We do NOT require entries for this category and there are no shortlists or finalists. The recipients are chosen by the editorial team of kbbreview for their outstanding contribution to the industry.
Over the years the award has been given to individuals whose lifetime body of work has influenced and shaped the industry, but equally we have always been keen to stress that a ‘Special Achievement Award’ is not simply a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ and we have handed that famous trophy out for a wide variety of equally impressive accomplishments.
Either way, this category is about celebrating the achievements that shape the direction of this industry and keep it constantly moving forward.