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Putting your business or showroom forward for an award is always a brave thing to do. It pits your skills against your fellow retailers and lets a judging panel decide who has hit the mark more than another.

Because of this, we take the entry and judging process really seriously and we believe it’s unique to this industry and is designed to make sure that those who win have truly earned their trophy.


The Retailer of the Year and Showroom of the Year categories are open to any showroom-based retailers of kitchen and/or bathrooms based in the UK and Ireland.


Retailers submit their entries via a really simple online process that allows you to save, add, edit and change your entry up to the point you decide to send it to us.
One form enters you for both the Retailer of the Year and Showroom of the Year categories. It is clear on the form which questions match up with which category.


The judging begins with a simple scoring system. The retail judging panel go through all the submitted entries and score them against these two sets of criteria:
Retailer of the Year Judging Criteria:
  • Demonstrable business success
  • Staff policies and training
  • Marketing to target audience
  • Unique ideas and initiative
  • Showroom effectiveness for target audience
  • Product and supplier choice target audience
Showroom of the Year Judging Criteria:
  • Layout
  • Effective use of available space
  • Customer journey
  • Displays and product choice
  • Unique ideas and initiative
  • Effectiveness as a sales tool
  • Customer presentation area
  • Housekeeping
At the end of the scoring stage – which the judges do independently of each other – we add them all up and the four with the highest scores in each category become our shortlist. It’s worth pointing out that, in the case of previous winners or finalists, judges are specifically guided to only judge on what the business or showroom has achieved in the 12 months since the last awards.
Next comes the stage that’s unique to the kbbreview Retail & Design Awards. It’s incredibly difficult to choose a winner based entirely on a written submission and we’ve always felt that to truly understand a business or showroom, you have to go and see it.
So we send the judges out across the UK and Ireland to visit each of the finalists to meet them, get to know them and quiz them on all aspects of the criteria.
Only when all the visits are complete do the judges decide who wins.

What judges do NOT include in their deliberations:

Retailer of the Year
  • Size of business – They judge the business on its merits not its size.
  • Size of turnover – They are not looking for who is making the most money. Business success is relative to circumstance.
  • Market position – Premium, mid-market or entry-level retailers have as much chance as each other. The key is the definition of target audience.
  • Writing ability and photography quality
Showroom of the Year
  • Showroom size – No more weight is given to big showrooms than small
  • Overall business success – It is purely about the showroom design
  • Market position – Premium, mid-market or entry level retailers have as much chance as each other. The key is the definition of target audience.
  • Writing ability and photography quality